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Friday, 16 August 2019

The Right Way to Jump Kingdom Server in the Rise Of Kingdoms (RoK) Game

The Rise of Civilization game has now changed its name to Rise of Kingdoms, this Strategy genre game made by Lilith Games is very exciting to play.

At a glance, if you try to install and play the game Rise of Kingdoms, you will be reminded of the COC game, aka Clash of Clans, but with a wider scope of gameplay.

 In the Roc game we can explore Map kingdom which is quite large, in some spots there are shrines or sacred sites which if the Alliance or our clan master it will get a certain buff from the shrine.  etc.

 ROK or Rise of Kingdoms also has many Kingdom maps that we can play max 2 accounts in 1 kingdom.

 Transfers between kingdoms can we do which is often referred to as JUMP KINGDOM.

Then what is the purpose and right way of jumping kingdom?  Let us discuss one by one

Jump Kingdom, as the name suggests, jumps to another kingdom, or moves our CH (City Hall) to another newer Kingdom server or fresh kingdom.

 What is the purpose of jumping?  jump kingdom is usually done if we are late entering the kingdom, or in the kingdom that we play there are already many players with high power (whale).

 So the power difference is automatically too far away and the ROK account can't do much in the kingdom.

So how about the tips on how to Jump Kingdom correctly in the ROK game?

  1. Make sure the CH (City Hall) is a maximum of level 7 or not chvv.8, because in Jump Kingdom we need Beginner Teleport items, if we have updated ch to lvl 8 then automatically 2 Beginner Teleport items will disappear.
  2. Have at least 1 Beginner Teleport
  3. There were no troops following the rally There were no troops out for war
  4. There are no troops of friends being reinforced in our Ch 
  5. Do not join in any alliance, if you join in an alliance then you are required to leave the alliance.

It should be noted and closely held that our goal to jump kingdom to a new kingdom server is that our power is higher than other players who are just starting on the server kingdom.

 Therefore be patient in ch 7 do not upgrade ch to lvl 8 so that the Beginner Teleport item is not lost, just take it easy Beginner Teleport has a validity period of up to 10 days before it expires.

How to Jump Kingdom Server new on ROK

  • Open your item bag and make sure there are still Beginner Teleport items.
  • Select the teleport beginner item then select the use button
  • Or you can also go to Map kingdom, then "pintch the screen" to the drone view until the Globe icon appears in the lower right corner
  • Select the globe icon and a list of available kingdom servers will appear, both new and old kingdom servers
  • Choose the newest kingdom (NEW) and then select the province for your friends, there are 6 provinces in zone 1 that you can choose and occupy
  • Notification of the conditions will appear in order to jump to move the server skirt, pay attention and make sure you do everything
  • Finally tap Teleport button

Done, have a good time making a jumping account, be patient until the 9th day before the beginner teleport expires and make sure your power is above 100-200 thousand.

 Hopefully the article intentions and ways of jumping server kingdom in the game rise of kingdoms is useful for all gamers, if there are additional corrections, and suggestions please write in the comments column below. Gamer Greetings!  thanks. 

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