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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Easy Ways to Delete Accessibility Notification in OPPO Statusbar

Oppo, who doesn't know this one Android phone vendor. With the incessant promotion strategy in various media, Oppo is one of the giant vendors with loyal fans who are very many in our Country.

So do not be surprised if there must be among our families, both brothers, sisters, parents, uncles, aunts, or maybe there are grandparents who use one of Oppo's cellphones.

Well, one of the questions that might be a problem for Oppo users that they often ask is; why is there accessibility? How do I get rid of accessibility? why does the accessibility accessibility bother me?

Okay, rather than the longer we see,

How to eliminate writing accessibility in the Oppo cell phone status bar

  • First open / enter the Settings menu
  • Open the Additional Settings menu again
  • Then go to the Obstacle-free option
  • In the Barrier free menu there will be many choices of accessibility features that can be turned on or off

  • Please turn off all feature menus
  • Finally, make sure the "touch and hold delay" feature select BRIEF

Done, please see again, the writing accessibility in the statusbar will disappear from its place.

If it hasn't been lost, please, please reboot or restart your cellphone, friend.


What causes writing accessibility can appear on OPPO?

As we noted in the tutorial above, Oppo provides a variety of accessibility features that are actually provided to facilitate Oppo cellphone users.

Writing accessibility will appear or be active automatically when there is an application that does require this accessibility feature.

Oppo's accessibility features such as:

Press the power button to end the call


Click when the cursor stops moving

Maximize movement

Touch delay and hold

usually the cause of the emergence of writing accessibility on many oppo phones. So that it is considered disturbing by some of its users.

Hopefully a short article on how to eliminate the accessibility notification posts that appear as a whole on the statusbar in some oppo cellphones can help friends in need.

If there are corrections and additions to tips on how to get rid of accessibility in Oppo, please write in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck! NewDroidTips

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