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Friday, 7 June 2019

How to Activate 2-Step Authentication on Instagram For More Secure

Hello, friend back again, we will discuss tips and tricks from Instagram social networking, this time is a way to secure our account from hackers by activating the 2-step authentication feature.

Cara Mengaktifkan Autentikasi 2 Langkah di Instagram Agar Tidak Dibajak Orang

First of all what is 2-step authentication? 

This feature allows us to increase account security by requiring us to enter the login code sent to our mobile sms to be able to actually enter & open our Instagram account.

How to enable two-step authentication on IG

  • Open our Instagram account and go to the profile page
  • Select the menu icon (line three) in the top right corner
  • Then select Settings
  • Open the Privacy & Security menu again

  • Next open the 2 Factor Authentication then select the Start button
  • Here you can choose to activate via SMS or via the authentication application
  • Follow the next step so you will successfully activate 2-step authentication

  • Here we choose via sms and there will be a successful notification & security code if at any time our simcard disappears as shown below

Instagram seems to be aware of the possibility that we will lose access to the number listed with another recovery code feature that we can use for subsequent logins.

So don't forget to save 5 alternative codes that are given by screenshot.

How simple is my friend not how to secure your account from piracy by activating the 2-step authentication feature.

So if there are bad people who want to take our Instagram account they will not be able to only with a password but must enter a login code that will only be sent to our mobile number.

Hopefully this article tips can be useful this time with the title how to turn on the 2 factor authentication feature on IG. Thank you and good luck!

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