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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Whatsapp Facebook Instagram Error 22 May 2019 How to Fix it

The effect of the demonstration movement in Jakarta on May 22, 2019 seems to have affected the application network to send Whatsapp messages and Instagram social media.

 Yes, the curiosity of the users and the massive information traffic in the wa application, wa groups, Instagram timeline, and also Facebook seem to be unable to be accommodated by the WhatsApp server itself.

 What are the signs?  send messages not arrived (hourglass continues), can not send whatsapp status and see or open the status of whatsapp other people, can not do voice or video call wa.

 What's the solution?  As we all know that user traffic on May 22 is very high, causing the server to be down, the solution is to use a VPN application.

 Please download and use any favorite VPN application, because with our VPN application the network will change no longer using Indonesian IP, which is currently crowded.

 Note Droid tried it with the Turbo VPN application so the use of the Whatsapp application can be re-used smoothly.

 How to Use the Turbo VPN Application

 First Download the Turbo VPN Application

 Open the Turbo VPN Application then select the Carrot icon (Connect)

 A license for the VPN network connection popup will appear, select OK

 Wait for the connection process to connect (connected)

 If it's not or difficult to connect, select the globe icon in the top right corner

 Then select the FREE tab

 Next, please change the server state and reconnect

 The experience of NoteDroid itself does not need to change the state of the server directly successfully connected with Singapore's state auto VPN, but some friends claim to be difficult to connect and after changing it to a new US country it works.

 So please try it yourself until you connect, buddy!

 Menkopolhukam Wiranto: Access to Social Media Closed

 This evening's news update and broadcast live on TV One Minister Wirhukam Wiranto's statement that access or medical services in Indonesia will be limited and even closed to avoid the spread of Hoax news that can worsen the atmosphere.

 Hopefully it can help you all who have difficulty accessing and using whatsapp due to the crowded traffic server wa Indonesia May 22 2019. Please use it wisely and properly.  Thank you and good luck!  Note Droid

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