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Thursday, 9 May 2019

How to Create a New PUBG Account and Change Account in the PUBG Mobile Game

How to Change Account & Play 2 PUBG Mobile Game Accounts, Game Players Unknown Battleground or PUBG are endless fun to discuss.

Cara Ganti Akun & Main 2 Akun Game PUBG Mobile

I was so anxious to play Pubg, surely among us there were those who played Pubg more than one account.

 Note Android itself has 2 public accounts, where 1 main account and 1 account try to play on EMU or sometimes to play with children.

 For friends who want to try also playing pubg with 2 accounts without additional applications or want to change accounts, let's see.

How to create 2 PUBG Mobile accounts

  • In the main lobby view, select the settings icon in the lower right corner

  • Next select Logout to exit the current account

  • Next, please sign in with a Facebook or Twitter account that you have never registered in the pubg game

  • By logging in using a new fb / twitter account then you will have a new pubg account too

How to change PUBG account

  • Follow the steps above to the login page

  • Then please log in again with the previous account which was also registered in the PUBG game


With the above method, you can be free and easily change the public account you have.

 The more pubg accounts you have, the more likely you are to be able to sell your account.

 Especially if your public account has many items and a high rank record.

 Hopefully the tips on how to change accounts and play 2 pubg game accounts can be useful for all of you.  Thank you and good luck!

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