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Friday, 10 May 2019

Not many know, this crazy trick can be done in the latest PUBG Mobile Update

One of the most popular games now, namely PUBG Mobile, has just rolled out the latest patch with code 0.12.  Where like a number of updates in general, Tencent as a developer presents many updates.

But now, in the latest PUBG Mobile patch, there are some crazy things that were previously impossible to do.

 Whether it's a bug or something, this crazy trick will definitely help you in the fight later.  Like what?  Let's find out the way below.

We Can Healing Inside Water


The crazy trick in PUBG Mobile is that the first and you can try is to do healing in water.

 But you can do this method when riding a vehicle, and this trick is very useful when in a tight condition.

Get out of the boat without stopping

The next trick is you can get off the boat without dying or losing blood later.

 And even in the latest PUBG Mobile update you can immediately swim and dive in the water, of course you can use this to outwit your opponent later.

Eliminating the Step Voice

This one PUBG Mobile trick is quite crazy, where you can put Molotov in Low Toss Mode, then the sound of your footsteps won't be heard later.  And this is perfect for ambushing opponents later.

Protect From Grenades With Any Cover


Grenades are one of the deadliest weapons in PUBG Mobile, but you can take refuge from grenade attacks just by hiding behind a tree like the one above.

 The method is quite easy, please switch your character's view to the cover (tree), so you don't see the location of the grenade directly dropped earlier.

Can Change Clothes On Each Map Quickly

And the last crazy trick of PUBG Mobile this time is that you can change clothes in each folder with Portable Closet.

 With this, you can be easier and faster in camouflage to outwit your opponent later.


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