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Friday, 10 May 2019

Best AR (Assault Rifle) Recommendations in PUBG Games

Hello buddy let's discuss about tips and tricks on PUBG and PUBG Mobile games, this time is an AR type weapon recommendation in the PUBG game.

Rekomendasi Senjata AR (Assault Riffle) Terbaik di Game PUBG

In the PUBG game there are various types of weapons, two of which are popular are AR and SMG.

Now what we will discuss this time is an AR type weapon recommendation


Who doesn't know M416?  weapons commonly called M4 (em-four) are very mainstream or almost must be used by the majority of PUBG and PUBG Mobile players.

 It is no coincidence that the M4 is very popular among PUBG players, the weapons that are easily found in almost all folders and recoil are fairly stable.

 M4 uses 5.56mm bullets or Green bullets, the attachment also varies which can increase the performance of M416, if M4 is a full attachment, the chicken dinner is closer to the grasp.

AKM (AK47)

This legendary weapon from the days of Counter Strike is quite popular with gunmen.  Using 7.62mm bullets (brown / black bullets) that are quite easy to find and obtain.

 In the AKM PUBG game, it is very OP over powered for close combat, unfortunately AKM recoil is far more wild compared to M416.

 AKM is the best alternative M416, because almost in every game our friends must hunt M416 and bullets, don't worry AKM is worth a try and no less lethal than M4.

M762 (Beryl)

M762 we often find in the Sanhok map, it can be dibnh M762 is the younger brother or refinement of the AKM.

 Note Droid itself also often uses Beryl compared to AKM, because it has finer recoil than AKM.

 The bullets that are used are similar to AKM, namely the brown / black 7.62mm bullet.

 So, Beryl absolutely becomes the main choice if we have to choose between AKM or Beryl.


Scar-L is almost the same as M416 both use 5.56mm bullets, the difference is Scar-L has a more kick recoil compared to M4.

 But don't worry if you can use Scar-L's green bullet fans if you haven't got the M4, Scar-L will also be full equipment faster because of minus the butt.

 Actually there are still Groza (7.62mm) and AUG A3 (5.56mm), but unfortunately these weapons are hard to come by because they are only available on Air drop.

 How was that?, I hope that the tips for the best AR type weapons recommendations in PUBG games can be useful for friends of PUBG and PUBG Mobile players.  Thank you and Happy gaming!

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