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Friday, 10 May 2019

5 Tips to Beat Zombies in PUBG Games

Tencent again held updates and additions to the PUBG Mobile game, this time is a game mode against Zombie.

Not just any zombie, we will be faced with many zombies that come from various directions and different types & strengths of zombies.

 This zombie fighting mode is worth a try for those of you who are curious and want more challenges than other players.

But first consider a few tips to survive against Zombies in the following PUBG Game

Landing near water

Zombies cannot enter the water.  However, they can still hurt you through their poisonous saliva weapons.  So land near the water so it's easy to find a safe haven for 2-3 rounds when we run out of ammunition.

 This trick can only be used in "Survive Till Dawn II", while Zombie: Darkest Night air outside will be filled with poisonous gas that will kill players if they remain outside the room.

Collect Bandages

Health Kit is more useful to restore player health to the fullest.

 But when they get attacked, players do not have enough time to improve their health or at least 70 percent.

 It is more convenient if we carry a large supply of bandages to cover small injuries when there is a gap between two zombies attacking.

Bring Throwables Grenades Molotov cocktails etc.

PUBG provides many throwables to help defeat the zombies.

 Throwables will destroy all zombies and give plenty of time to prepare for the next attack.

 But be careful when throwing grenades.  Don't let the other team members get hit by an explosion.

 Then there is the Stun Grenades which can now be used on zombies.  That will slow them down and allow players to carry out attacks.

Hide inside Building

Zombie Apocalype brings a bunch of zombies to attack players from all sides.  Players and troops must seek refuge in a two-story building.

 This will help players attack all zombies that appear in small amounts.

 Squad compactness will be the key to this game.  The more compact the players are, the easier it is to defeat a flock of zombies chasing players.

Find Flamethrower

Flamethower is the best weapon that can be used against Zombies.  This weapon will make zombies ashes quickly.  This weapon has a gas bottle available on the EvoGround map.

 If one team brings a flamethrower.  That will make large numbers of zombies ashes.  And save players from every threat.

 Source: Fox Sport

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