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Monday, 26 November 2018

How to Overcome Annoying Shareit Ads Notifications

How to Eliminate Shareit Advertisements in Notification Bar, yes as we know shareit applications are one of the causes of full notification on android because of ad suggestions that often appear in statusbar.

Cara Mengatasi Pemberitahuan Iklan Shareit yang Mengganggu
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Shareit application is an application to share various files between fellow users via a wifi connection that almost all Android phone owners must install it.

Having easy operation and speed that can be relied on in sending large files makes sharing files sharing applications popular today.

However, like the discussion on Noteandroid this time, often for those who install the Shareit application, they will often get ad notifications from shareholders, which in the long run will be annoying.

Now here's how to stop the Shareit ad suggestion notification

  • First open the Shareit application first on your cellphone
  • On the main menu slide the screen from left to right

  • Or tap the profile photo in the top left corner to open the side navigation menu
  • Then swipe down then select Settings / settings (gear icon)

  • Next search and select "Message Notifications" (notification message)

  • Finally turn off the "Receive Recommendation Alerts" switch


Done! with the steps to turn off shareit ad notifications above then in the future you will no longer receive ad notifications that interfere with and meet your notifbar window.

If by the way above the shareit ad notification is still stubborn, you can try to set the turn off and display notifications for all applications and games.

Good luck, hopefully it will be useful for friends who are confused by the problem of how to stop receiving advertisement advertisement notifications from the shareit application. If there are suggestions or collections please write in the comments column below, Thank you! NewDroidTips

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