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Monday, 26 November 2018

How to Register a Player and Do Training Team in the PESCM Asso Cup Event

How to Register or Donate Players and Training in Event Associations Cup Pes CM Game, Pes CM or Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager is a football reconnaissance game for today's players.

Cara Nyumbang Pemain & Training di Event Asso Cup PESCM

Supported by a large developer in the same class as Konami, there is no doubt about the continuity of this game and also the events that further add to the excitement and fun of the game PESCM.

One of the PESCM events that Note Note will discuss this time is the Asso Cup or Association Cup event.

The cup assox in CM PES requires us to join an association to be able to participate and be active for mutual benefit.

The asso cup event is very helpful in maintaining the cohesiveness and care of asso members.

Because it will be seen which members are active and solider, as well as members who are not active or ignorant.

How to Register a Player and Do Training Team in the PESCM Asso Cup Event

  • First, make sure you have joined in the Association, if you haven't immediately registered at any asso
  • Enter the asso menu in the top left corner (asso icon with asso level number)

  • Then select the asocup event long banner located at the bottom of your mobile screen

  • Next select the "Player Registration" button

  • A list of players will appear in your asso club, select the "Player Registration" button again.
  • A player popup window will appear which you will register, select the "Player List" button 

  • Now please choose the best player you want to register with your asso club

  • Confirm by pressing the OK button
  • Congratulations, my friend you has participated in regist players to the association club

That needs to be considered

In the maximum asso cup event, the number of registered players is 3, so make sure you register the best player

Pay attention to the special player categories for each Event Assocup, pay attention to the category of players that were previously president asso, please register, whether players in the European region, Asia, Italy, England and others

Players with region or their respective countries that you want to register can be seen on the right side of the photo icon / player's avatar.

Each player that has been registered cannot be exchanged by another player, can only be re-updated / updated if the opr (overall player rating) the player has gone up and you want to re-enter it.

How to Do Training Asso Team

This time is how to participate in training our team so that our Otr (overall team ratim) asso club can be rises.
  • In the asso cup event / page window select the whistle icon with the training on the left

  • Then select the training category / level based on your club's training level
  • Then the training process will run. congratulations, you have participated in training your ASSO team


As we saw in the PESCM tips this time, the event assocup once again really needs high solidarity of each member in an asso.

If we can be compact in contributing the best players we have in each line, especially players with additional full trait and even limit breaks, for example, it is not impossible that your club asso will be a scary team with high OTR that is ready to crush every opponent who encountered in the asocup event.

So don't hesitate to prepare and donate our best players, for every event asso to maintain the cohesiveness, togetherness and solidarity of each member asso. Good luck! NewDroidTips.

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