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Monday, 26 November 2018

How to Change PUBG Mobile Game Account Without Application

How to Change PUBG Mobile Game Account, PUBG Mobile game play until this article was written has entered season 3, it doesn't feel like the trip is recorded and Android with Pubg Mobile has a lot of likes and grief.

Cara Ganti Akun Buka Akun Lama Game PUBG Mobile Tanpa Aplikasi

A little story a while ago, I had deleted this pubg mobile game because of a problem with the NewDroidTips cellphone storage.

Then when I want to log back into the pubg mobile, it turns out I was wrong to enter my Facebook account, so the pubg reads the new FB account and automatically requires creating a new account or from the beginning because of a different FB account.

Maybe there are friends who have wrongly entered a mobile pubg account and want to replace or reopen your old pubg mobile account.

How to open the old account again pubg mobile game

  • First enter the pubg game loby menu
  • Then enter the pubg game settings (gear icon) which is on the bottom right hand corner

  • Next select the Log Out button (exit) on the left side of the screen

  • Confirm log out by selecting the Ok button

  • Then you will go back to the main menu opening the pubg game

  • Select the login method that you want

  • And this time make sure you enter the correct account to exchange accounts
  • Done, then your old account has been successfully entered and can be played again.

Account returns, rank returns, item rare returns, friends push rank returns, so let's push rank again! :)


This article on how to change your pubg mobile account can be applied to friends who want to exchange accounts, re-enter the old account, or want to register a new pubg account.

Note that the login method bind the social media account that you choose is different from each other.

Thus tips on pubg mobile how to logout and exchange pubg mobile game accounts, how to replace this pubg mobile account without an application so that you don't need dual apps and additional data that can narrow down your storage.

Hopefully it will be useful for your readers, if there are inputs and corrections please write in the comments column below! Thank you and good luck! Note Droid

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