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Saturday, 22 September 2018

How to Resolve AFK Players at the Beginning of Mobile Legends Match

Invalid Mobile Legends Match Results, there was a unique experience when NotesDroid played mobile legends with one of my friends with IGN, at that time one of our team members was known, because at the time of selecting the hero in the draft pick he did not immediately choose until the hero draft selection pick out.

cara mengatasi pemain afk di early game mobile legends

Suspicion continued when loading the game started, one of the team members, the loading value did not go up and down, the other loading was 100%, it was still 0%.
Finally the fix is ​​known he has AFK!

That's when you guys chat to all that one of our colleagues is there, and everyone agrees not to do a match, for ± 3 minutes we have to wait and just stay at each base just to wait for the initiate surrender button to appear.

It turns out that within ± 3 minutes there is a notification on the screen that one of our friends is afk and can end the fight without calculating the results. It's true that the initiate surrender button (surrender button) appeared and we all agreed to give up.

The result is that our team does not lose even though it has given up voting, but the result for both teams is INVALID. This is a policy of the mobile legends game, if in the initial game there are friends who are friends, so as not to harm your team the way is as follows:

How To Not Lose Match Even though There Are Friends Who AFK

  • First, chat and tell to your team members that there is an AFK
  • Keep alive for all your team member, dont die for just 3 minutes
  • Within 3 minutes the initiate surrender button will appear
  • Do Initiate surrender and all teams must agree to surrender
  • Don't worry because the result will not be LOST but INVALID aka no calculation

The above method is very effective to save our rank star, don't let us because our users are wasting our star ranks that we have struggled to get.

Hopefully the brief tips on mobile legends and curhatan can be useful for you, if there are inputs and corrections please write in the comments column below. thanks. Note Droid

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