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Saturday, 22 September 2018

How to Download Facebook Friend FB Story Foto and Video

How to Take Photos and Videos of Facebook Stories Friends, Facebook social media as we know it already has temporary share story features like Instagram stories and whatsapp stories that came first.

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how to download facebook friend fb story foto and video

Facebook stories feature can only be enjoyed by users who use the Facebook application, for those who open fb from the browser, the fb story feature will not appear.

Back to the topic we will discuss this time according to the title is how to save photos or videos from our Facebook friends' fb stories. Of course interesting if there are friends who share unique photos or videos that will be exciting if we share again, now who doesn't know how to go to see it!

How to Download Facebook Story Friends Photos

  • First, make sure you install the Facebook application, you can download it on the Play Store
  • Then download the Story Saver For Facebook application
  • Open the Story Saver For Facebook application
  • Login with your Facebook account
  • Allow access to Story Saver For Facebook
  • Then the Facebook Story list from your friend's friend will appear
  • Select and open the story you want to take
  • Finally select the download in the lower right corner

After that, the photos and videos of Facebook stories of friends who have downloaded friends can be seen on the Gallery of your phone, for the location you can check, also check in the Download folder.

Then it's up to you.hehe friend can reshare back to your fb story or share it to other social media applications. How easy is it right? Hopefully the short Facebook tips on how to share your Facebook story with our Facebook friends can be useful for you. Thank you! Note Droid

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