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Saturday, 22 September 2018

How to Delete Travel and Place Searching History on Google Maps

Maybe there are some friends who do not know, how to find the search history of the place, location, address, and cache in the Google Maps application and how to delete it, Google's default navigation application that is Google Maps is the navigation application with the most users in the world, how not the most worldwide, application Google maps is a "must-have" application on almost all Android smartphone phones that are already out on the market and new ones will be circulating in the market.

Cara Menghapus History Perjalanan dan Pencarian Tempat di Google Maps

How to Delete Travel History and Place Search on Google Maps

With this very much use, many of us are certainly not aware of some of the navigation features contained in it, please note that this google maps application will save / record the history of caches from each of our trips automatically, besides that gmaps will save the search history of the place we type and search in it.

Well, this time the note will be about how to delete the search history and cache of our trip which is automatically recorded by the Google Maps application.

  • First, open the Google Maps application on your android phone
  • Press the menu button on your android phone
  • Or select the menu icon (line 3) in the upper left corner, next to the search column
  • Scroll down and enter the Settings menu
  • Then enter again into the Maps History menu
  • Then all search history will appear and places you have visited
  • If you want to delete, just select the X icon on the right side of the visit history
  • Next confirm deletion by selecting the Delete button

The above method will permanently delete all search history places, locations, addresses on google maps, and also eliminate the history of places that have been visited which are automatically saved in the list of google maps history in it.

Hopefully a brief article on gmaps android tips on how to delete the search history for places and caches in this android google maps navigation application can be useful for those of you who need it, if there is input and correction please write in the comments column below! Thank you for reading, don't forget to also read other interesting articles on this blog. Regards! Note Droid

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