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Saturday, 22 September 2018

How to Turn Off the Internet Connection for Certain Applications

How to Turn Off the Internet Connection for Certain Applications, of course we all knows that most applications and games now require the user to use an internet data connection in order to use it.

Cara Mematikan Koneksi Internet Aplikasi Tertentu di Android

How to Turn Off a Specific Application Internet Connection on Android

If more and more applications we download and it turns out that the application continues to use our internet connection in the background activity then in addition to our internet data package quota which is gradually being sucked also the use of battery performance will also be heavier.

then do not be surprised if on the application graph that uses an internet data connection on your android phone there are several applications that actually do not matter if we just turn off the internet connection. how to choose which applications can and cannot use an internet connection.

Okay, here is how to set off or allow applications to use an internet connection

  • First enter the Security application on your mobile phone

  • Select data usage icon (data usage)
  • Then select restrict data usage (limit data usage)
  • All list of applications that appear on your phone will appear
  • Then you can choose and change which applications are prohibited from using data

An example above set up to not use an internet data connection is the application of music, keyboards, games that are not online but there are advertisements, text editors, etc. which are not necessary to use an internet connection.

This method is very effective to prevent applications and games from accessing internet data connections on your cellphone, so any banned applications will not use the internet and suck your data package again. so say good bye to wasteful quota and ads that appear in games that can be offline.

Hopefully the short android tips on how to set and choose which applications and games may use an internet data connection on Android Xiaomi Miui phone can be useful for all friends. If there are entries and corrections write in the comments column below. thanks. Note Droid

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