Tuesday, 10 July 2018

How to Change Name on Garena Free Fire Battleground Game Account

Battleroyal and survival type games such as pubg and fortnite on console pc are very exciting, as well as mobile devices like android and ios also have games of the same type of rules of survival, free fire, and pubg mobile version.

How to Change Name on Garena Free Fire Battleground Game Account - NewDroidTips

The more rampant type of survival games make free fire games (especially those discussed in this article) more exciting to play, either solo mode (play alone), duo, or squad.

In the Garena Free Fire game there is also a feature change name or change nickname or also rename our account. If you mistakenly give a name or have been bored with the name of the free firenya account, my friend can also change it as you wish.

How to change the name of the Free Fire Battleground garena game account

  • Open your garena free fire game

  • Go to the profile menu by tapping the account photo in the left corner
  • Next select the pencil icon located on the right of your free fire account name

  • Next please change or change the nickname you want in the new nickname column
  • Finally select the change button

Please note the process of renaming or change nickname in free fire is not free alias member required to pay by buying first diamond as much as ± 390 diamond.

Similarly short tips free fire game how to replace nickname (cn) in game ff battleground. If there is any correction or input please write in the comment below yes. thanks. NewDroidTips