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Saturday, 4 November 2017

The New Way to Knowing Instagram Unfollowers

The New Way to Knowing Instagram Unfollowers With Follower Insight android Application, this time we will share new way instagram tips to know unfollower instagram, tested until now.

New way to know instagram unfollowers

There are 2 applications that will record android discuss on this occasion with the main function is almost the same, that is to knows the follower who has unfollow or instagram account that does not follow back.

Follower Insight For Instagram

The first application named Follower Insight For Instagtam made by SkyFireApps developer, my friend can download this Follower Insight application for free in Play Store.

How to use Follower Insight by SkyFireApps is very easy, go live into Instagram account through this application, then the dashboard of Follower Insight main page will show the follower and following number.

To find out anyone who does not follow back or unfollow we choose Non Follower menu will appear a list of instagram account accounts that do not follow back or unfollow us.

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

The application made by Follower Analyzer developer has the main features that are almost the same with the application Follower Insight above, after the instalpun name will change to Follower Insight as well.

How to use the application Unfollowers & Ghost Followers is simply login with Instagram account buddy then the main menu will appear the list Unfollowers (who do not follow us back), Ghost Followers (which we do not follow behind), Mutual Followers (which follow each other) and other menus.

Yup tips instagram 2 new applications how to know unfollower instagram 2017, using the application Follower Insight and Unfollowers Ghost Follower that you can download directly from the Google Play Store through the link above. Hopefully can be useful for my friend who wants to know unfollowers instagram account. Do not forget to comment and share ya!

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