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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How to Overcome AFK Players in The Early Game of Mobile Legends

The Invalid result of Mobile Legends Match, there is an unique experience when NDT plays mobile legends with one friend with IGN moet, at that time one of our team members was idle, because when selecting a hero in the draft pick he did not immediately select the hero on draft time.

how to overcome afk players in the early game mobile legends

Suspicion continued when loading the start screen of the game, one of the members of the team loading value did not rise, the other loading was 100% and he still 0%. he has to be AFK!

That's when my friend moet chat to all that one of our colleagues is afk, and all agreed not to do the match.

For ± 3 minutes we have to wait and just stay quiet at each base just to wait for the initiate surrender button to appear.

In within ± 3 minutes there is a notification on the screen that one of our friends is afk and can finish the fight without calculating the results.

Sure enough the button initiate surrender (the surrender button) appears and we all agree to surrender.

The result was that our team did not lose even though they voted to surrender, but the result for both teams was INVALID.

How to Not Lose Even Some Friends Are AFK

  • Chat first, tell other team members that there is AFK member
  • Make sure nobody dead for 3 minutes
  • Within 3 minutes the initiate surrender button will appear
  • Do initiate surrender and all teams must agree to surrender
  • Don't worry because the results will not be LOSS but INVALID aka no calculation

The above method is very effective to save our rank star, do not let it happen because our users are wasting star ratings that we have been painstakingly getting.

This is the policy of the mobile legends game, if in the midle of game you know your friends are afk

Hopefully this mobile legends tips useful for you guys, if there are input and corrections please write in the comments section below. thanks. NewDroidTips

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