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Sunday, 5 November 2017

How to Downgrade From MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 Without PC

How to Restore or Downgrade From MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 Without PC, MIUI 8 is the latest update currently released by Xiaomi for their latest smartphone device, with all the advantages and features anyarnya miui 8 is also a scourge due to loss of 4G LTE function for some xiaomi phone users like Redmi 3S / Prime / 3 / Prime, and Redmi Note 3.

How to Downgrade From MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 Without PC
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how to downgrade from miui 8 to miui 7

Several series of Xiaomi phones on top (not all of them) have lost the 4G LTE feature on the latest MIUI 8 update. But do not worry NotesDroid will provide an alternative way for users xiaomi ido, land, and kenzo can re-enjoy the 4G feature by Downgrade to MIUI version 7 without having to ribet using PC aliases directly from the default Recovery and via TWRP.

How to Downgrade Restore MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 Without PC

  •  First of all prepare the material ROM MIUI 7 below appropriate type hape pal
    Redmi 3S / Prime Global (Land) V7.5.9.0.MALMIDE 1.4G
    Redmi 3 / Prime Global (Ido) V7.5.2.0.LAIMIDE 1014M
    Redmi Note 3 Global (Snapdragon / Kenzo) V7.3.2.0.LHOMIDD 1046M

  • Once downloaded place the zip file to internal or external storage that is easy to find
  • Next open the Updater application or it can also through Settings> About phone> System updates
  • Press the 3 point button on the top right corner Select Choose update package
  • Then search and select the zip rom file that has been downloaded above, go select Ok
  • Then your phone will reboot by itself and the installation process rom will start running

Done, by way of restore from rom miui 8 to miui 7 above then the problem fix 4G LTE can be resolved again, in addition to using Rom MIUI 7 for mate who experienced problems with micloud like reset mi cloud, unlock mi cloud, open account mi which is locked, because the MIUI 7 verification process mi cloud can be in the baypass with the skip (skip) different from miui 8 which requires verification of micloud account.

Okay so How to easily downgrade or restore from rom miui 8 to miui 7 without pc directly from recovery mode, hopefully can be useful for my friend who experienced 4g problems and bypass mi cloud that locked in miui 8. Do not forget always remember the principle of DWYOR (Do With Your Own Risk), NotesDroid is not liable in the event of damage, bootloop, soft brick, hard brick, and others. thanks.

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