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Saturday, 12 August 2017

What Does KDA, OP, CN, AFK Means on MOBA Mobile Legends?

Explanation Meaning of Abbreviations and Terminology in Game Moba Mobile Legends, game android legends bang bang increasingly crowded and popular among connoisseurs of the game android, evident from the ratings mobile gaming legends who are increasingly rising to the top of the session Top grossing Google Play Store. When this article was written Mobile Legends Bang Bang was ranked the 8th Top Grossing Google Play Store.

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What Does KDA, OP, CN, AFK Means?

Excitement of Mobile Legends game is incomplete if we do not also know the extent and intent of some of the terms on mobile game legends.
Well this time that will note android discuss is the meaning of some of the abbreviations and terms in the dalag Legends mobile game.

KDA, what is KDA in Mobile Legends?

KDA stands for Kill, Death, Assists. Meaning the average data from the statistics of the number of KILL mates plus (+) ASSIST divided (÷) DEATH in each game. So the formulation and extension of KDA is
(Kill + Assists) ÷ Death = KDA.
For example, if the statistics KDA pal 3 = average (3kill + 3assist) ÷ 2death, could also if KDA pal 6 = the average (9kill + 3assist) ÷ 2death, so the higher the KDA mate, the better the performance of the game buddy in game.

Meaning and Purpose of OP in Mobile Legends?

One more term that is often referred to by the players MOBA concerning the hero that term OP, OP often called to show admiration for the strength, build, and or play a hero in the game, the PA itself has an extension Over Powered or Power of Excess are not Fair or surpassed the average power of other heroes (easy term Great, Steady, Cool lah lol) Wah OP (Mantap) really tuh heronya.

AFK, AFK stands for Mobile Legends

AFK is an acronym for Away From Keyboard, the term is intended for players who seemed to be far away or leave the keyboard or it could be a player who often freeze, lagg, broken, raw in the middle of a game and more so can not do much in the game (Feeder ).
So, if we often have the quality ping bad (ping high) or often lagg broken that it can not do much in Lane better find a strong network and fast in order not to call afk by other players and in the end even so the feeder and Can be reported by other friends.

Meaning and Extension Of CN Mobile Legends

The term CN is often referred to as a requirement to enter a team, clan, Mobile Legends community that actually means CN is Change Name, why CN is very important as a requirement to enter and mobile legends?
"Open clan bla-terms GM or Epic, CN on, etc."
Usually this is to clarify the clan member's name, eg [CocoClan] User, {MauTeak} Noobs, and more. CocoClan and MauTeak are examples of clan or team names that should be embedded in your username when joining clan or team.

Okay so thats it the explanation of the meaning of an extension of the acronym KDA and AFK in Mobile Legends, hopefully to cure the curiosity buddy of abbreviations KDA and AFK are often encountered in the game Mobile Legends, may be useful yes and if my friend no additional abbreviations or other terms please comment on Down and also do not forget help share ya! Thanks. NotesDroid

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