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Friday, 11 August 2017

How to Remove Headset Icon On Statusbar and Do not Want to Dissappear

How to remove or overcome the icon headset that can not be lost in the android, maybe some buddy NotesDroid is experiencing or have experienced headset icon that suddenly appeared in the statusbar and can not be lost, so the speakers on the phone becomes not working and must use earphone to Listen to sound notifications, songs, and voice calls.

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How to Overcome Icon Headset That Appears and Do not Want to Miss

Usually this, the emergence of headset icons or logos that can not be lost in the statusbar in because of the use of headsets, earphones, or external speakers are wrong, inappropriate, or malfunctions.

NewDroidTips itself has emerged the headset emblem in this statusbar because of the use of external speakers, while listening to the song by plugging in external speakers suddenly appeared denging and noise, when the device check redmi 2 catatandroid directly in the dead position, when turned on the icon / logo headsetpun Appeared and did not want to disappear.

Okay lets see below how to overcome the emergence of icons or logo headsets that do not want to disappear in the statusbar android:

  1. First try to get out and input the headset jack or earphone pal continuously until the indicator is lost
  2. Secondly if the above method has not succeeded in blowing the port hole of the headset gently to the power, or suction port hole with soft until powerful
  3. Thirdly if the above methods still have not managed to grab cottonbuds, catheter, ear plugs (which there is a layer / bundle of cotton) or whatever you call it and clean the inside of the headset port pal
  4. Fourth if cleaning the headset port with cuttonbuds has not succeeded in input headset jack half entered and sentil-sentil slowly, set depth berfariasi.
  5. Fifth do the call then activate loud speaker mode and headset icon will disappear by itself
  6. The last six ways (temporer) ie download Toggle Headset app on playstore, enable toggle on the application then my friend will be able to re-listen to songs and notifications without headset or earphone.

Lack of the sixth way with this Toggle Headset application that is when calling must keep using headset or set to loudspeaker, and icon / indicator headset is not lost.
How to Overcome The Headset Icon Appeared and Do not Want to Missing with a headset toggle

Keep in mind the severity or extent of damage from the appearance of headsets that do not want to disappear is also varied. If the five ways above are not successful for you and forced to use the sixth way to overcome the headset indicator that does not want to disappear with Headset Toggle then the only way to overcome this permanently that is brought to the service of the nearest mobile phone. Hopefully useful and always remember DWYOR (Do With Your Own Risk).

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