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Friday, 11 August 2017

How To Remove Background Image or Photo with Ease

How to remove the background image icon or photo to be transparent, sometimes we have a photo or icon image that want to delete the background to be transparent, either because the background is less interesting or for the further editing process.

Remove background photo image by apkpure

How To Remove Background Image or Photo with Ease

This time catatandroid will give you the easiest way to delete background photos, icons or images to make it transparent, the only necessary tool is a set of android phones and Eraser app without having to use pc.

Here's how to remove background images on Android without pc

  • Download and open the Eraser app (Background Eraser)
  • In the start menu select "Load a photo"
  • Find and select the photo or image we want to remove background
  • Crop / Cut the outside side by sliding the crop box and select done
  • Next select the background eraser mode, 'auto' to delete all the same colors, 'manually' manually delete the selected background
  • Enhance the removal of the background side in the image and select done
  • Then set and select the level of smoothness side-edge and select save
  • Finally, press Finish and Finish!
  • The result file will be stuck in / / storage / Pictures / Eraser / (Here)

How to remove background image icon or photo with this eraser application Notes Droid the easiest sense, because it is the main function of this eraser background application is to remove background or background color of a photo and icon image with menus and functions are simple and easy to understand.

Hopefully, tutorial how to erase background image or icon image with eraser android app without pc this can be useful for mate catatandroid all, happy edit edit and continue work.

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