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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How to Move Contact List From Old Nokia Phone to Android Device without PC

How to Move Contact List From Nokia To Android Without PC, Unfortunately it seems to delete the contact list of friends phone number already stored in the old phone Nokia especially if it is stored hundreds of contact numbers and there are important numbers in it but my friend confused how to move contact phone number Nokia to android phone.

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How to Move Contact List From Old Nokia Phone to Android Device without PC

One of my friends called Sahak Droid is a devoted user of hape jadul Nokia 2690 series accompanied also with hape android Samsung Galaxy V, it has ± 600 contact list stored in the Nokia 2690 phone memory and want to move it to hape Android Samsung Galaxy V.

Actually a lot of tutorial how to copy contact list from nokia to android phone on google page but most even almost all have to use pc, at this tutorial Notes Droid will give way backup contact at hape Nokia and move it to hape Android without using PC or Computer alias direct From your mobile.

How to Backup Entire Contact Form .vcf Format on Nokia Phone Without PC

  • First prepare the JContactBackup.jar application and install it on your Nokia phone
  • Open the JContactBackup.jar app
  • Allow all permissions that appear when running the JContactBackup.jar application
  • In the main menu JContactBackup.jar select export menu (to backup contact list)
  • Navigate to the Output Directory box and press the menu button (option) then select Target Dir
  • Next specify the folder to save the backup contact
  • Press the menu button and select select
  • Lastly press the menu button and select export to start the process of backup the contact list phone nokia
  • Done, popup success will appear and the backup file of the contact list stored in the directory folder that you specify above

The result of this contact list backup will be named contacts.txt, next is send this contacts.txt file to your android phone via bluetooth. Next go to import step on android phone.

How to Display Backup Result Contact List In Android Smartphone

  • This time continue to your Android smartphone
  • Rename contacts.txt file backups into contacts.vcf
  • Place contacts.vcf file into internal memory or sdcard (do not insert it into any folder)
  • Next go to Contact
  • Enter the contact settings menu and select import from internal memory or from the appropriate sd card where you save the file contacts.vcf earlier
  • Then the import process will run on your Android phone

Done, congratulations contact list from Nokia hob now buddy has moved to hape Android without having to use PC, This method is successful NoteDroid practice to move contacts from Nokia 2690 to Android Samsung Galaxy V without constraints.

If the tutorial how to move the Nokia phone contact to Android is useful please share yes, if there is a question monggo write in the comment field. thanks.

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