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Monday, 7 August 2017

How to Delete my Mobile Legends Bang Bang Account

How to Remove Mobile Legends MLBB Account Reset Bind Facebook, how to remove the mobile game legends account (MLBB) connected to facebook so it can be played back from the beginning with the same facebook account. How to reset MLBB game or delete account in order to play from reset with same facebook account is very useful for my friend who really want to restart MLBB game from zero 0.

Mobile Legends Bang-Bang Loading art Image from Twitter

How to Delete my Mobile Legends Account

Of course, by resetting MLBB account or Delete MLBB account that bind to facebook you will be able to re-do CN (Change Name) which is CN opportunity in MLBB only given 1x change name, and statistic from the beginning (zero), for those who feel the statistics need Repaired for having understood MLBB game.

Okay the following steps to delete the mobile legends game account bind facebook

  • Open facebook from browser or facebook app
  • Select the third line icon on the top right corner (menu option)
  • Scroll down and select the Account settings menu
  • Scroll again and select the Applications menu
  • Then select the Login menu with facebook
  • Search and select Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • The info page will appear from the MLBB game
  • Scroll down select the Remove App button
  • Then confirm by selecting the Delete button

With the steps above then my friend has deleted the status of mobile legends bind account with your facebook account, now you can re-start from the beginning of MLBB game game and connect it (bind) back with the same facebook but with new mlbb game data.

Please be careful in performing this step as it is permanent, a mlbb account that you have deleted or reset will not return. Hopefully tips legends bang bang (mlbb) how to delete or reset account mlbb bind facebook this can be useful for mlbb gamers, do not forget to share and if any questions please write in the comments field.

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