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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Differences Between Advanced Server with Normal Server Mobile Legends

One of the interesting things in the game M.O.B.A (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the main server or commonly called the advance server, then what is the purpose of advance server? And what are the advantages or differences of advance server with normal server in mlbb game?

advance server mobile legends image from youtube

Advance server as the name suggests that the preferred server in the mlbb game has several advantages over the normal server

Some advanced server advantages include:

Bonus abundant

If we play in advance server, then we will be served with various bonuses or attractive prizes in the form of skin, hero, and others that we can claim within a relatively short time, this we do not get on a normal server that usually takes several weeks to get Hero or skin.

Updates that always take precedence

Advantages of this advanced server is one of the reasons the mlbb game players also register their account on the advance server, which get each update faster than the normal server, if the mbbb moonton party releases a new hero such as the original hero Indonesia Gatotkaca which recently in Release, then the players in the advance server can buy and enjoy the Gatotkaca hero ahead of the players on the normal server.

In addition to the two advantages that have been mentioned above and there may be some advantages of advance mlbb server that has not been mentioned butroid note, but there are also shortcomings of the advanced server that the advanced server players can not mabar or play together a party with the normal server players, So if my friend play in advance server but my friend play in normal server then you can not mutually invite to mabar for push rank.

Therefore advance server is very useful to just try and enjoy the latest update of mlbb game faster than normal server, but not recommended for push rank, because most of mlbb player both old and new download majority play on normal server.

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