Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Easier Way How to Submit Url Request Index in the New Google Search Console

Easier How to Submit Url Request Index in the New Google Search Console, Google webmaster pages have now changed face to google search console.

Lebih Mudah Cara Submit Url Request Index di Google Search Console Baru

This new version of GSC certainly has a new look and placement of different feature functions.

With this all-new experience, it certainly needs more adjustments for those of us who are familiar with the old version of Google webmasters.

One of the things that NewDroidTips will discuss in this article is, it is easier to submit the url to request the Google index in this new version of the search console. let's listen.

How to Submit url to request indexing on the new google search console

  • First go to the page
  • Log in with your Google account, friends who are connected to your blog / website

  • Then select the search icon 🔍
  • Type or paste the url that you want to submit to the Google index request

  • Next, directly select REQUEST INDEXING

  • Then the process of requesting your url index will run, wait until the process is complete
  • Finally select GOT IT

Congratulations, my friend has successfully submitted the url to Google on the latest Google search console.

It should be noted that this index request is only done once and then just wait for our blog url to appear on Google.

It doesn't need to be repeated, because Google has told us that repetition of the indexing process will not change the order and speed up the indexing process.

Hopefully the article tips on how to submit a blog url on the latest google search console can be useful for blogger friends. Thank you and good luck! NewDroidTips

Friday, 7 June 2019

How to Activate 2-Step Authentication on Instagram For More Secure

Hello, friend back again, we will discuss tips and tricks from Instagram social networking, this time is a way to secure our account from hackers by activating the 2-step authentication feature.

Cara Mengaktifkan Autentikasi 2 Langkah di Instagram Agar Tidak Dibajak Orang

First of all what is 2-step authentication? 

This feature allows us to increase account security by requiring us to enter the login code sent to our mobile sms to be able to actually enter & open our Instagram account.

How to enable two-step authentication on IG

  • Open our Instagram account and go to the profile page
  • Select the menu icon (line three) in the top right corner
  • Then select Settings
  • Open the Privacy & Security menu again

  • Next open the 2 Factor Authentication then select the Start button
  • Here you can choose to activate via SMS or via the authentication application
  • Follow the next step so you will successfully activate 2-step authentication

  • Here we choose via sms and there will be a successful notification & security code if at any time our simcard disappears as shown below

Instagram seems to be aware of the possibility that we will lose access to the number listed with another recovery code feature that we can use for subsequent logins.

So don't forget to save 5 alternative codes that are given by screenshot.

How simple is my friend not how to secure your account from piracy by activating the 2-step authentication feature.

So if there are bad people who want to take our Instagram account they will not be able to only with a password but must enter a login code that will only be sent to our mobile number.

Hopefully this article tips can be useful this time with the title how to turn on the 2 factor authentication feature on IG. Thank you and good luck!

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Whatsapp Facebook Instagram Error 22 May 2019 How to Fix it

The effect of the demonstration movement in Jakarta on May 22, 2019 seems to have affected the application network to send Whatsapp messages and Instagram social media.

 Yes, the curiosity of the users and the massive information traffic in the wa application, wa groups, Instagram timeline, and also Facebook seem to be unable to be accommodated by the WhatsApp server itself.

 What are the signs?  send messages not arrived (hourglass continues), can not send whatsapp status and see or open the status of whatsapp other people, can not do voice or video call wa.

 What's the solution?  As we all know that user traffic on May 22 is very high, causing the server to be down, the solution is to use a VPN application.

 Please download and use any favorite VPN application, because with our VPN application the network will change no longer using Indonesian IP, which is currently crowded.

 Note Droid tried it with the Turbo VPN application so the use of the Whatsapp application can be re-used smoothly.

 How to Use the Turbo VPN Application

 First Download the Turbo VPN Application

 Open the Turbo VPN Application then select the Carrot icon (Connect)

 A license for the VPN network connection popup will appear, select OK

 Wait for the connection process to connect (connected)

 If it's not or difficult to connect, select the globe icon in the top right corner

 Then select the FREE tab

 Next, please change the server state and reconnect

 The experience of NoteDroid itself does not need to change the state of the server directly successfully connected with Singapore's state auto VPN, but some friends claim to be difficult to connect and after changing it to a new US country it works.

 So please try it yourself until you connect, buddy!

 Menkopolhukam Wiranto: Access to Social Media Closed

 This evening's news update and broadcast live on TV One Minister Wirhukam Wiranto's statement that access or medical services in Indonesia will be limited and even closed to avoid the spread of Hoax news that can worsen the atmosphere.

 Hopefully it can help you all who have difficulty accessing and using whatsapp due to the crowded traffic server wa Indonesia May 22 2019. Please use it wisely and properly.  Thank you and good luck!  Note Droid

Monday, 13 May 2019

How to activate lite mode (saving data) on Google Chrome Android

How to make our internet data quota more durable or not run out one of them is by Activating Data Saving Mode in the Google Chrome Application.

Google's web browsing application is definitely on every Android device, Google Chrome is a must-have browser application on all Android-based devices.

Not in vain Google Chrome is on all Android devices, because this browser proved to be very neat to find us surfing in cyberspace.

Starting from opening social media websites, news, looking for interesting videos, even downloading various kinds of file content can be fully supported by Google Chrome.

But don't let us enjoy the fun of skating in the virtual world, so we forget to spend the internet data package quota.  wahh !!

But take it easy, Note: Droid presents Google Chrome Application tips

How to activate lite mode (saving data) on Google Chrome Android.

First open the Chrome browser application, friend

Then enter the Chrome settings menu (three point icon) in the upper right corner

Next go to the Settings menu

Scroll down then enter the Lite Mode menu

Activate switch ON to activate Lite mode

By activating the Chrome Google Lite mode above, we can save on internet data packages as much as% when opening a website or blog.

The way Google Chrome Lite mode works is quoted from the official chrome support page as follows:

When you use Lightweight mode, some of your web traffic may be via Google servers before downloading it to your device.

If the page loads slowly, Google servers can simplify it so that less data is downloaded to your device.

Most of the time, your page will look and function the same.

If you use Lite mode, keep in mind that:

If you browse in private, Lite mode will not work.

Some websites may have trouble finding your location.

You might not be able to use pages on a local network, such as the company's internal site.

You may experience problems with premium data services provided by your operator.  You may also not be able to log in to your mobile operator's website.

Even though it seems that there is not too much data quota being trimmed, this feature is worth trying and appreciating.  Oh then also pay attention to some of the provisions above so that the minimization of data usage is maximized.

Hopefully the tips on how to activate the lite feature on google chrome can help you and all of us to save more on data usage while browsing on Google Chrome.  Thank you and good luck!  Note Droid

how to download videos from Facebook

Hello buddy Note Android is back again we discuss facebook tips, this time is how we download videos from facebook posts easily without complicated.

Facebook social networking is getting more and more video content every day, it seems like Facebook does not want to be outdone by Youtube which presents a variety of interesting video content.

Then what if we find interesting video content and want to download it?  As is known, the official Facebook application does not support downloading FB videos to cellphone galleries or storage.

Kuy see how to download videos from FB

First download the Video downloader application for Facebook Mirror link

Open the Video Downloader FB application

Select the Browse Facebook button

Sign in with your FB account

Don't worry that InShot Inc. as the developer of this application has stated that our account is guaranteed safe

After successfully logging in, please find the video you want to download

Tap / touch on the video post

The Watch button selection popup button will appear - Cancel - Download

Select Download to save the fb video to your mobile gallery

The download results can be seen in the TAB History

If you want to open it directly tap on the video page

Can also repost or reshare to Whatsapp Instagram Facebook etc.

Now if you want to repost / reshare the video download results, open the video with tap / touch on the video

Then select the three point icon (menu) in the upper right corner

Next select Share

Finally, please choose where you will reshare / repost the video

Actually the application for downloading Facebook videos is very much available on the Google Play Store.

Note Droid chooses an application made by InShot Inc Developer because its size is quite light only ± 4.5MB, without the need to copy the video link, log in directly with our fb account, and high satisfaction rating of 4.7 ★

How easy is my friend not how to save videos from Facebook to our Android cellphone storage gallery, hopefully it can be useful for all readers.  Thank you and good luck!  Note Droid

Sunday, 12 May 2019

4 Latest Android Phone Recommendations Price of Rp. 1 Million

Here comes the 4 Latest Android Phone Recommendations Price of Rp. 1 Million

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 Hello buddy, NoteDroid, Eid is getting closer, maybe some of us plan to replace the smartphone but are still confused and looking for the right choice at a friendly price?

 Take it easy, here is the Note Android gives recommendations for the latest 4 Android smartphones at a price of Rp. 1 million.

 Samsung Galaxy M10

 The first is the Samsung Galaxy M10, a cellphone intended for entry-level circles that comes with a futuristic full screen design.

 At the top of the screen there are little bangs called Infinity Display V. This Galaxy M10 smartphone is equipped with the Exynos 7870 processor and is tagged with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal.

 On the rear camera side the Galaxy M10 has a dual camera with 13 MP and 5 MP sensors and supports ultra-wide and bokeh effects.

 The front camera or selfie camera has a 5 MP resolution which is good enough for just a selfie hobby and post to SOSMED.

 With a row of specs above the Galaxy M10 is equipped with a 3,400mAh battery.  to ask for her hand, we only need to spend ± IDR 1.7 million.

 Honor 8A

 This smartphone from the Huawei subbrand comes with a 6.09-inch screen with a 1560 × 720 HD resolution.

 In the kitchen sector, the use of the Mediatek 6768 chipset and 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal support.

 The rear camera brings the mandatory resolution of the standard mid-low cellphone now, which is 13 MP which is also equipped with a bokeh effect.

 On the front camera brings 8 MP resolution better than the Samsung Galaxy M10.  The battery has a capacity of 3,020 mAh only.  For the price, the price is around Rp. 1.9 million.

 Realme C2

 This time from the Oppo subbrand family, Realme, the Realme C2 series was just released on May 8, 2019.

 On the side of the screen carrying a size of 6.1 inches with mini bangs.  For the RAM memory sector Realme C2 comes in two versions, 2 GB RAM with 16 GB internal and 3 GB RAM with 32 GB internal.

 Realme C2 Android smartphone is powered by the MediaTek Helio P22 chipset with the support of a 4,000 mAh battery.

 Comes with a dual sensor rear camera, each sensor has a resolution of 13 MP + 2MP and is equipped with AI technology.

 The front camera has a standard 5 MP resolution but has a plus because it is equipped with a bokeh effect.

 If you want to have it, for the 2GB / 16GB RAM version, it's sold for Rp. 1.5 million.
 While the 3GB / 32GB RAM version is priced at Rp. 1.7 million.

 Redmi 7

 This smartphone comes with a cross section of the 6.26 inch IPS screen that is reinforced with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

 For the Chipset on Redmi 7 using Snapdragon 636 combined with 3GB or 2GB RAM and support 32GB or 16GB of internal memory.

 The rear camera sensor has a 12MP + 2MP resolution while the front / selfie camera carries an 8MP processor.

 Redmi 7 is priced at ± Rp. 1,599 million for 2GB / 16GB RAM, and Rp. 1,899 million for 3GB / 32GB RAM versions.

 That's what he lists 4 Recommendations of the Latest Android Smartphone Price of Rp. 1 Million or just under 2 million.

 So which one is your best choice?  write the answer in the comments column below!  Thank you for coming and reading the article recommended 4 new Android cellphones for prices below 2 million.

Friday, 10 May 2019

5 Tips to Beat Zombies in PUBG Games

Tencent again held updates and additions to the PUBG Mobile game, this time is a game mode against Zombie.

Not just any zombie, we will be faced with many zombies that come from various directions and different types & strengths of zombies.

 This zombie fighting mode is worth a try for those of you who are curious and want more challenges than other players.

But first consider a few tips to survive against Zombies in the following PUBG Game

Landing near water

Zombies cannot enter the water.  However, they can still hurt you through their poisonous saliva weapons.  So land near the water so it's easy to find a safe haven for 2-3 rounds when we run out of ammunition.

 This trick can only be used in "Survive Till Dawn II", while Zombie: Darkest Night air outside will be filled with poisonous gas that will kill players if they remain outside the room.

Collect Bandages

Health Kit is more useful to restore player health to the fullest.

 But when they get attacked, players do not have enough time to improve their health or at least 70 percent.

 It is more convenient if we carry a large supply of bandages to cover small injuries when there is a gap between two zombies attacking.

Bring Throwables Grenades Molotov cocktails etc.

PUBG provides many throwables to help defeat the zombies.

 Throwables will destroy all zombies and give plenty of time to prepare for the next attack.

 But be careful when throwing grenades.  Don't let the other team members get hit by an explosion.

 Then there is the Stun Grenades which can now be used on zombies.  That will slow them down and allow players to carry out attacks.

Hide inside Building

Zombie Apocalype brings a bunch of zombies to attack players from all sides.  Players and troops must seek refuge in a two-story building.

 This will help players attack all zombies that appear in small amounts.

 Squad compactness will be the key to this game.  The more compact the players are, the easier it is to defeat a flock of zombies chasing players.

Find Flamethrower

Flamethower is the best weapon that can be used against Zombies.  This weapon will make zombies ashes quickly.  This weapon has a gas bottle available on the EvoGround map.

 If one team brings a flamethrower.  That will make large numbers of zombies ashes.  And save players from every threat.

 Source: Fox Sport